Our Story

Nordic Crayfish Company was founded by native Swede; Martin Hallkvist. Martin grew up in Huskvarna Sweden on the shores of Lake Vättern, where he spent most of his teenage year summers trapping crayfish for the local fisherman. Crayfish from Lake Vättern is famous because of its size, and is very attractive at markets and in grocery stores all over Sweden. So when Martin started Nordic Crayfish Company here in the U.S. it all came very natural.

We are very picky when we source our Crayfish and have several quality checkpoints that each Crayfish need to pass before it is accepted. We are also very picky when it comes to the ingredients. We use a proven recipe from Sweden when cooking our Crayfish and the brine is extremely important. We use only the finest ingredients and our dill is sourced straight from the farmfields.


(Crayfishing in Lake Vättern, Sweden)


Almost immediately after starting the company Martin joined forces with Anders Persson, also originally from the shores of Lake Vättern, but from neighboring town Jönköping. Anders´s love for Crayfish does not so much come from trapping them, but from cooking and eating them! :) So the two of them teamed up and now together run Nordic Crayfish Company surrounded by a small team of 4 others.



We are just starting out. Aside from the Frozen Crayfish available in our stores right now we have plans for other products such as: Crayfish Soup, Crayfish Pizza, Fried Crayfish Tails, among a lot of other ideas, all made using our own Swedish recipe. We also plan to carry other Nordic foods and treats that our customers love and are familiar with. But we think the most exciting category of all is: Crayfish Party Accessories. That´s right, this summer we will start offering more Crayfish Party Accessories. No matter how small or big of a party you are planning, we intend to have everything you need! So stay tuned for lots and lots of more news and products :)