Our Story

Nordic Crayfish Company was founded by native Swedes; Martin Hallkvist and Anders Persson. Both born and raised on the shores of Lake Vättern, Sweden's second biggest lake. Lake Vättern is famous for its crayfish, which are very attractive at markets and in grocery stores all over Sweden. As a teenager, Martin spent most of his summers trapping crayfish commercially for local fishermen. So when Martin and Anders started Northern Crayfish Company here in the U.S, it all came very natural. Crayfish in the U.S. are mostly known due to the commercial farming in Louisiana. We want to change that. With our modified boats and special gear and equipment, we are experts on how to both trap and cook these delicious crustaceans. And we are making them available all year round to Minnesotans and people in the mid west.

We are very picky when we source our crayfish and have several quality checkpoints that each crayfish needs to pass before it is accepted. We are also very picky when it comes to the ingredients. We use only the finest ingredients and most of it is sourced straight from the Minnesota farm fields.