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Nordic Crayfish

5 lbs Raw Frozen Bait Crayfish | Wild Caught | Small-Medium 20-40 count per lb

5 lbs Raw Frozen Bait Crayfish | Wild Caught | Small-Medium 20-40 count per lb

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Priced per 5 lbs. These are the small-medium size crayfish that we get in our traps that are too small to sell for human food consumption. These crayfish are sorted into individual 5lb bags and flash frozen fresh/raw/unseasoned for fishing bait and a food source for pets and zoo animals. You will get a variety of sizes.

Size: Small-Medium = Approximately 20-40 crayfish count per lb | $4.50 per lb. For every 5lb bag you will receive somewhere between 100-200 crayfish, depending on the size of the crayfish we trapped that day.

No minimum order! Buy just one 5-pound bag to try, or buy 10. Price is the same unless for orders over 50 lbs. If you want to order over 50 lbs please give us a call or send us an email for discounted pricing. If you own a bait shop or would like to purchase in much larger quantities, please select the tab Wholesale at the bottom of our home page.


These crustaceans have many names, all depending on where in the world you live. Here in Minnesota we like to call them crayfish. Others call them crawfish, crawdads, or just daddies :) But one thing we don't call them is mudbugs, because our crayfish don't live in the mud. The crayfish we trap up here in the north live in deep, clear and rocky inland lakes.

We offer free pick-up at our facility conveniently located just off I35 in Pine City, MN. We also ship all throughout the mid-west.

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