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Nordic Crayfish

1 lb | Wild Caught | Fully Cooked Cajun Style Crayfish | Frozen

1 lb | Wild Caught | Fully Cooked Cajun Style Crayfish | Frozen

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Price is for one 1 lb box. If you want to order more just increase the quantity. 

Our whole cooked crayfish are wild trapped from the clear and rocky inland lakes of Minnesota, and carefully sorted and selected by us. They are then prepared according to a traditional cajun style recipe. After we cook the crayfish, we seal them in with our delicious liquid brine overnight, and then freeze them. 

Serving Tips! Having whole-cooked crayfish is an event, usually enjoyed among family and friends. Our clean wild trapped crayfish are full of fresh flavors and you will enjoy every bite and minute of it! Simply peel and serve chilled as an appetizer, or re-heat and serve hot, and dont forget the claw meat!

Thawing Instructions: Always thaw under refrigeration. The crayfish are fully cooked and ready to eat. Simply thaw in fridge overnight, empty out the liquid brine, peel, and enjoy! Do not re-freeze. Enjoy within 3 days of thawing.

You choose your own delivery date on the next page. Mention in comments.

What you will receive for each bag/box:

  • 1 lb crayfish net weight
  • About 13-17 crayfish (size varies slightly for each package)
  • 2.5 portions, depending on appetite and how much you like crayfish :)
  • Ingredients: Cajun seasonings
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